Cat Toy Stores in Manhattan

Cats aren’t known for their long attention spans – unless you count napping – and chances are that as soon as you’ve found a toy that appears to strike their fancy, they’ve gotten bored with it almost as quickly as they took to it!

Cat behavioral experts recommend rotating your cat’s toys frequently to keep your cat interested. Luckily, Manhattan is filled to the brim with stores carrying plenty of cat toys. Here are a few to get you started:

404 3rd Ave
(212) 481-4544

Litter and Leashes
1100 2nd Ave
(212) 355-5577

560 2Nd Ave
(212) 779-4550

Happy Feet Pet Shop II
657 2nd Ave
(212) 889-3400

Pet Central
193 Madison Ave
(212) 481-4044

Furry Paws
1036 1st Ave
(212) 813-1388

Sherpa's Pet Trading Company
135 E 55th Street
(212) 838-9837

It’s also important to keep in mind that any serious change in your cat’s behavior may be a health issue that needs to be addressed. With that in mind, make sure your cat is up to date with veterinary checkups by contacting your Manhattan veterinarian at East Side Animal Hospital.