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East Side Animal Hospital Kennel and Daycare Technician, Cecil Jackson, has been with East Side Animal Hospital since 2002, but has worked in the pet care field since 1995. He is responsible for managing the general care and husbandry of all daycare and boarding animals, assisting in animal recovery for hospitalized animals, and maintaining the animals’ living quarters. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology.

Asked what he enjoys most about his work, Cecil says that everything he does goes hand in hand with ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of each and every animal. "We are like a family here working toward the common goal of providing the best care for all animals and ensuring that all of our clients’ pets are well-rounded and happy, which makes them a pleasure to be with," he says. "We are also very good at incorporating new techniques and ideas to improve our existing programs and promote team work among our staff."

Cecil has six American Pit Bull Terriers, Roxy, Bo, Einstein, K-Wack, Sheba, and Jimmy Boots. He adds that all of his free time is spent with other members of the American Pit Bull Terrier Club fighting discrimination against this breed of dog. He also enjoys showing his dogs and agility training.

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East Side Animal Hospital Kennel Technician, Getachew Bekele Adgeh, has been with East Side Animal Hospital since 1997, but has been in the animal care profession since 1980. He also holds veterinary-related degrees from schools outside of the U.S.

Among his many duties are managing the kennel area, tending to hospitalized animals, and ensuring the health and happiness of kennel guests.

Asked what makes him uniquely adept at his work, Getachew says, "My caring and kindness for all animals. All my life experience is with animals and I have studied agricultural science and veterinary medicine. I am trained to work only in this field."

Getachaw's hobbies include photography, traveling and visiting friends and family.

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