Dr. Keith Manning, DVM

Manhattan Veterinarian

Dr. Keith Manning is a General Practitioner, who has been the Owner/Director of East Side Animal Hospital since 1993.

When asked what inspired him to become a veterinarian, Dr. Manning says it was his first dog Happy. "Her unbounded love and playfulness always moved me," he says. "Now that I'm a veterinarian I enjoy being able to improve a pet's health and quality of life so they can more fully enjoy the human and companion animal bond."

A native of Westchester, New York, Dr. Manning attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook for his undergraduate studies where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1978. A year later, he entered Araneta University's College of Veterinary Medicine earning a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1983.

Dr. Manning's areas of professional interest include Wellness Care, Geriatrics, and Pain Management. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Bideawee, one of the oldest humane societies in the United States, as well as the New York State and New York City Veterinary Medical Associations, American Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, and the Advisory Board of the Veterinary Technician Program at LaGuardia Community College. He was also president of New York Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency and NYC Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Manning was named Veterinarian of the Year in 1998 by the NYC Veterinary Medical Association.

He and his wife Enid have a daughter, Greer, who is an avid soccer and tennis player who also enjoys acting and singing. The family has a Mini Goldendoodle. Dr. Manning's hobbies include tennis, cross-training, theater, dining out and reading.

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