Both Colorado and Cornell University Schools of Veterinary Medicine have undertaken research into a hemp-based cannabinoid known as cannabidiol (CBD) to treat arthritis in pets.

Researchers are enthusiastic about results and drugs containing hemp-based CBD are now available for use in pets.


Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, a researcher with Cornell University partnered with ElleVet Mobility Sciences in America’s first double blind study looking at the impact of CBD to treat arthritis in pets.  When the study was complete, Dr. Wakshlag wrote an enthusiastic letter endorsing ElleVet.


“Over the past 8 months we have conducted a pharmacokinetic and clinical trial on the efficacy of ElleVet Sciences CBD preparation on osteoarthritis. To date our findings have confirmed that their product is safe and efficacious for pain in dogs with arthritis, chronic joint pain and geriatric pain and soreness with dramatic beneficial effects in our more geriatric patients.”


Colorado State Veterinary College Also Studying Drug


Colorado State University has more than two dozen dogs enrolled in a study looking at the impact of CBD on both arthritis and seizures in animals.  Initial results are encouraging. Auburn University is primed for a similar study later this year.


Muddy Legal Waters Delay Much-Needed Research


Under federal law, CBD is not legal, but states with medical marijuana laws allow for its use.  The conflicting views on CBD have severely curtailed investigation of the drug as permission for research is often delayed for months or years in red tape.  Because of CBD’s Schedule I status with the DEA, veterinarians are not permitted to recommend or sell the product, but CBD-based drugs are available extensively online.  CBD does not include the ‘high’ part of pot, and pets (or people) using the supplement experience only the benefits of the plant-based chemical.


Don’t Try To Dose Your Pet With Marijuana


By law, East Side cannot endorse or prescribe any CBD products, but is hopeful that more research will confirm that supplements like ElleVet are effective at treating anxiety, pain, and seizures in pets.  Marijuana, by itself, can be toxic to pets and unless drugs like CBD are researched more, pets will suffer as pet owners struggle to concoct treatments of their own using illegally acquired drugs.


Arthritis Treatment Stops Pain and Delays Progression of the Disease


For more information on the legal issues surrounding CBD and its use in pets, you can visit the author’s website. In the meantime, if you have an arthritic dog, there are several legal, tested, proven treatments for arthritic pain that are effective and affordable. If your dog or cat is showing signs of arthritis, bring him or her to our practice for an examination.  Arthritis treatment not only relieves pain, but prevents symptoms from worsening.  Use the form below to reach out to us for more information.

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