Annual Exams!


Veterinary medicine is nearly as advanced as human medicine and only 1/20th the cost. Bring your cat to East Side Veterinary Hospital annually for a comprehensive physical examination. It’s the most important thing that you can do for your pet.



Keeping Your Cat Calm on the Way to the Vet


The biggest hurdle to any cat’s chance at long life is a cat owner’s reluctance to bring the cat to the veterinarian because he or she doesn’t want to stress out the cat (and we understand!). Please take time to read this helpful article on how to keep your cat fear-free during his or her trip to our office. 


Annual Stool Testing


Six out of every one-hundred cat stool samples that we send to the laboratory test positive for intestinal parasites.   It’s sort of gross to discuss it, but NYC dogs, cats, mice, rats and raccoons that are infected with intestinal parasites defecate on our sidewalks and in our parks. The eggs of the parasites, found in the stool of these animals, remain in the environment and can be picked up by our pets or even transported into our homes on the soles of our shoes. Moreover, parasites can remain dormant in your pet for years, evading the regular deworming medication found in products like Revolution. The Center for Disease Control recommends annual stool testing for cats ensure that your animal is parasite free and healthy.


Early Disease Detection


One of the most important things that East Side Animal Hospital does for all pets is an annual wellness blood screen.  These affordable, but highly effective tests spot disease at its earliest stages when the diseases are easiest to treat.  Everyone has that one relative that waited until they got very sick before visiting a doctor, only to find out that by the time they were finally diagnosed, it was too late.  Don’t let that happen to your pet.  For the same price that you pay for an average meal out in a neighborhood restaurant, we’ll test all of your pet’s major organ and endocrine systems.  It’s an excellent way to keep veterinary bills low and your pet living a longer, happier, healthier life.


Year Round Flea and Heartworm Prevention


Fleas are a common occurrence in cats living in NYC. Because of fleas’ resilience and life cycle, many NYC buildings have chronic low-level infestations. Fleas drop off cats (and dogs that live in your building) once they feed and may find their way into the hallway, elevator or lobby of your building where they can in turn get into your apartment and infect your cat. Fleas are active most months of the year in NYC and ticks can be active even during snow storms and the coldest days of January.

East Side Animal Hospital recommends Revolution, an easy-to-administer topical that effectively controls both fleas and prevents heartworm disease.


Tooth Brushing for Cats


Accumulation of plaque in cats’ mouths causes gum inflammation and infection that wear on the immune system, decrease your cat’s appetite, and pollutes his or her breath.  Keep your cat living longer and eating better with tooth brushing. We’ll show you how to brush your cat’s teeth when you are at our office. In the meantime, watch how much fun this cat has during tooth brushing time.