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Keeping You Current on Important Information
for Your Pet's Health

East Side Animal Hospital prides itself on combining modern veterinary medical care with compassionate client-centered services. One way we ensure you receive both of those elements is to provide you with up-to-date medical and veterinary information for your pet. It is part of our ongoing commitment to you and your New York City pet.

Browse our article library on pet care and medical information to answer many of your pet health questions. Articles are updated regularly, and new material is added on a weekly basis.

Preventive Care for Manhattan Dogs

Our goal at East Side Animal Hospital is to help you and your dog enjoy a long, happy life together. This section contains valuable information on ways you can protect your dog and safeguard his/her from both environmental hazards and common health conditions. Articles cover various topics including the importance of vaccinations, surgical services, and parasite prevention.

Preventive Care for Manhattan Cats

East Side Animal Hospital understands the pleasure that cats bring to their owners. Like dogs, cats, too, can develop conditions and diseases that are avoidable by vaccinations and practical preventive methods. To further inform cat owners on both existing hazards and optimal ways to protect their feline friend, East Side Animal Hospital connects you with these valuable articles and information.

Seasonal Care for Manhattan Pets

Keeping your pets safe and healthy all year long requires being informed of and prepared for all potential seasonal conditions such as extreme heat and cold. This section provides valuable information on potential hazards and conditions as well as common symptoms and treatment.

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East Side Animal Hospital is one of New York City's first and oldest veterinarian-owned and operated animal hospitals. As such, we strive to ensure you have access to basic vetinary information at all times. Thus, if you seek or require additional information regarding health care for your pet, you may search for it in our comprehensive alphabetized library of veterinary articles.