East Side Animal Hospital Pet Vaccinations

East Side Animal Hospital is located in Midtown Manhattan on the borough's east side, and has been providing compassionate, state-of-the-art pet care to dogs, cats and exotic pets in NYC since 1993. A vital element of our pet wellness care is pet vaccinations for dogs and cats in the NYC and Manhattan area. Below we discuss further why pet vaccinations are important.

Manhattan Pet Vaccines: Why Does My Pet Need Shots?

With each series of canine vaccines or feline vaccines we perform a complete exam. Regular exams are extremely important, as they establish an overall picture of your pet's health and can help your veterinarian detect health problems and diseases before they become more difficult and more expensive to treat. In addition to pet wellness exams, the veterinary team at East Side Animal Hospital will educate you about contagious and zoonotic diseases and the importance of heartworm and flea / tick prevention for all Manhattan pets.

East Side Animal Hospital Specializes in Pet Vaccinations

The mission of East Side Animal Hospital is to provide the best possible pet care at an affordable price. Pet immunization and vaccination programs for your cat, kitten, dog or puppy are tapered to meet your pet's needs and lifestyle. Since most NYC cats and kittens live indoors, we have a specific Manhattan pet vaccination program tailored especially to him or her. If your cat or kitten lives indoors most of the time, but goes outside from time to time during weekends or the summer, he or she may require a different set of yearly vaccinations. NYC dogs and puppies receive the same special treatment. Dogs living indoors in NYC receive a different set of shots than dogs that spend a good deal of time outdoors or in the country.

What Shots Does My Dog Need to Stay Healthy?

The following vaccinations are administered by our veterinarians:

We also vaccinate puppies and adult dogs in NYC against Rabies.

What Shots Does My Cat Need to Stay Healthy?

At East Side Animal Hospital our veterinarians also provide yearly shots to NYC cats and kittens. Our veterinarians vaccinate against the following diseases:

We also give Rabies shots to cats and kittens.