Our Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

manhattan veterinary techs and nurses

Ricardo Pacova is East Side Animal Hospital's Practice Manager. He is also a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Ricardo joined our team in October, 2014 and brings over ten years of experience in the animal care field to the position. He is responsible for performing administrative duties and working with the veterinary care team to help provide excellent care to our patients and clients. Ricardo has an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology.

"The best thing about this profession," says Ricardo, "is knowing you've made a difference for animals, as they cannot speak for themselves."

At home, Ricardo has a cat named Chelsea. He spends his free time with his wife and two sons. Together, they enjoy trying new gastronomical cultures, traveling, and watching movies.

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Veterinary Nurse and Receptionist Nancy Betances has been with East Side Animal Hospital since July of 2000, but has worked in the pet care field since 1998. Her primary duties include client support, assisting during exams and surgeries, and performing dental work.

Asked what makes her unique in her work Nancy says, "My smile and bubbly attitude, which has been easy to have over the years because we are a family here at East Side."

Her home is also a busy one with pets as she has two Mini Pinschers, two Chihuahuas, a Rottweiler, and one cat. Nancy says she spends her free time painting, gardening, and being with her family.

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Licensed Veterinary Technician Deena Miller has been with East Side Animal Hospital since June of 2006. Her primary duties include providing treatments, anesthetic monitoring, dental cleanings, and medical records management.

Deena says that East Side is a unique working environment because, "We are a family that works together in a fashion that isn’t often found in hospital environments. We never individually take on specific tasks, but are helping one and another always. If I have a free hand, it’s yours."

She has pets of her own, which include an orange Tabby named Tommi Dean, Pitbull named Kilo, and a Yorkiepoo named Buddy Lee. Her hobbies include cooking, snowboarding and swimming.

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Veterinary Nurse Michael Falconer has been with East Side Animal Hospital since January of 2002. His responsibilities include general animal care and administering medications. He also has developed an expertise in handling particularly nervous pets.

For Michael, describing what he likes most about his work is easy, "Having coworkers that love what they do just as much as I do."

Michael has a Jack Russell Terrier at home named Gromit and enjoys working out at the gym, playing soccer, cricket and darts.

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Veterinary Nurse Manuel Gonzalez has been with East Side Animal Hospital since August of 2000, but began his career in animal care in 1984. His duties include assisting the doctors, taking X-rays, placing catheters, and more. He also has an Associate’s Degree in Art.

Asked what he likes most about his job, Manuel says that working in a practice that treats such a large variety of illnesses helps foster tighter relationships among coworkers, clients and their pets. "I realize that it’s not the size of the hospital, but the love and compassion this hospital gives to its patients and their owners," he says. "I love the closeness that we all share and when the clients thank me for making their loved ones better."

Manuel has a Chihuahua named Nino and enjoys photography, nature walks, traveling and spending time with his family.

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