Bideawee, one of Manhattan’s oldest no-kill shelters, has a century-long history of caring for New York City’s stray population.  Find out more about this remarkable care facility and the many creative ways that they advocate for the human-animal bond.


About Bideawee


Bideawee was started by Mrs. Flora D’Auby Jenkins Kibbe.  She had been on a trip to Paris and was inspired by a humane dog rescue operation she saw there.  She transplanted the idea to New York City and called her shelter the Bide-A-Wee Home Association.  The name is Scottish in origin and means ‘to stay for awhile’.  Her shelter was made a not-for-profit 501(c)3 in 1906 and eventually moved to its current location at 410 E 38th Street, NYC. According to the Bideawee website,”Since the beginning, it has been Bideawee’s policy never to euthanize an animal unless it is incurably ill or suffering.”  The organization is funded through grants and the generous contributions of pet loving people all over the world.


Read how Bideawee influenced the life of one of New York City’s Most Famous Police Dogs in 1912


How To Find The Right Pet to Adopt


Bideawee wisely enlists the help of trained animal welfare advocates to match prospective adoptive parents with the pet best suited for the pet owning family, their lifestyle, their living space, and their other needs.  This kind of selection process reduces the chances that a pet will be returned to the shelter or that a pet owner will regret his or her decision to adopt.  These pet experts are also great pet parent educators. They help prospective parents understand the costs involved with pet ownership, the annual care required for pets, and how to properly train, treat, feed, and manage the life of the animal they are adopting.  This training ensures the wellbeing of the pet, the satisfaction of the adopter, and generally improves the health of pets city-wide. Because of Bideawee, NYC pet owners are more informed and have access to responsibly neutered or spayed, healthy, adoptable animals.


How Do I Select The Pet I Want To Adopt?


Bideawee has an excellent online tool that allows you to view all the dogs and cats in its system by age, gender, breed and location (In addition to the Manhattan location, the organization has an adoption center in Westhampton), but we have to warn you, the photos of all of the pets are professional and done extremely well, plus the descriptions of the pets are written expertly.  If you’re interested in adopting a pet, it’s unlikely you’ll ever leave the Bideawee site to look elsewhere.  Their adoptable pets are just too sweet.  Oh, and a word about adopting an older or previously owned animal.  These dogs or cats are typically extremely grateful to be invited to join a new family.  They are almost always housebroken and they quickly adapt to their new home.


What To Look For When Choosing A Shelter Pet


There is no right answer to this question.  Some of the happiest pet parents of adopted animals will tell you that they just took one look at their dog or cat and knew instantly that they had found their forever companion.  Others will confidently attest, “My pet selected me.”


The behaviorists at Bideawee carefully assess all their residents and understand their personalities and needs.  You should rely on their experience and judgement when making your decision. Still, here are some tips when meeting an adoptable animal for the first time.


Don’t rush


Don’t rush towards a pet that’s never met you.  Your height, movement and eye contact may appear threatening.  Approach animals slowly and quietly.  Stand with your side towards a pet and don’t make direct eye contact, something that many pets find threatening. With the cage between you, stoop down to the animal’s level and allow the pet to come to you on his or her own terms.  Observe how the animal behaves. Pets that are gregarious and come to you immediately, may ultimately be easier to acclimate to your home, but those that appear shy may simply be overwhelmed by the shelter system or scared to find themselves in such an unusual environment.  Lean on the advice of the counselors at the adoption center for their more experienced thoughts.


Get To Know Each Other In A Quiet Room


If possible, ask to sit with your perspective adoptee in a quiet room.  Don’t come on too strong.  Allow the pet to quietly explore the environment and to interact with you on his or her own terms.  Once the pet has become more comfortable, offer a treat and try to pet him or her and watch the response.


East Side Animal Hospital and Bideawee


East Side Animal Hospital’s Dr. Keith Manning has had a long association with Bideawee and has been influential in helping the organization with its veterinary medical needs and assistance with fundraising.  It’s a fulfilling relationship that he is proud of and very much enjoys.


Events At Bidewee


Animal rescue volunteers in New York City and pet enthusiasts in general should check out the Annual Events List at Bidewee.  From formal balls to pet therapy to fitness fundraisers, Bideawee has found a creative way to provide New Yorkers original, unique and fun ways to celebrate pet adoption and the human animal bond.


Bideawee Animal Hospital


Bidewee has an animal hospital that serves its shelter animals as well as patients outside the organization. It is located in Southhampton and is open 6 days a week.


Animal Outreach


Bidewee has several exceptionally creative and engaging ways to connect its pet population to the public, to help people understand the value of companion animals, and to serve New York City’s elderly, sick and disabled.


Pet Therapy At Airports


Bideawee sponsors a pet therapy program out of Terminal B at La Guardia Airport.  Travelers interested in a little furry stress relief can cuddle with Bideawee therapy dogs, Nala, Ollie, Ziggy and Puffles to name a few.  You can view the schedule here.


Reading to Dogs


Reading to dogs is a beautiful concept where certified therapy dogs are connected with children who need to practice their reading skills.  The dogs provide a nonjudgemental ear to kids who may be embarrassed by their ability to read aloud to humans.  The program gives kids confidence and builds skills.


Volunteer to Work In Animal Rescue, NYC


Bideawee has numerous volunteer positions open.  Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, to engage oneself in fulfilling work, and to learn more about the value of stray animal management. You can also explore career opportunities at Bideawee.


Veterinary Care For Your Adopted Pet At Eastside Animal Hospital


Have you just adopted a pet from Bideawee or one of New York City’s other numerous shelters?  East Side Animal Hospital would love to meet you and the newest member of your family.  We can help with initial exams for rescued pets as well as assistance with acclimating an adopted pet to your home.  Use the form below to reach out or CLICK TO CALL 212-751-5176!

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