Will you be buying your pet something on Black Friday ?  Here is a look at some of the products that caught our eye when we decided to present-browse for Bowser and shop for Shadow.


The FURminator


Allright, so it’s probably not an exact poll, but we’re willing to bet that 90% of the East Side Veterinary team owns at least 1 FURminator brush and the East Side practice probably has at least 5 floating around the practice.  This sturdy, ergonometric designed brush is excellent at de-matting dog and cat fur. Click the link to explore the many variations that the company produces on this design.  Medical note.  Do NOT attempt to cut mats out of cat fur.  It is VERY easy to accidentally cut the skin on a cat when trying to remove mats by cutting.  Additionally mats in cats typically signal a more serious underlying medical issue. If your cat is matted, please call us and we’ll help you figure out a solution.


Decorative Cat Scratch


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When is the last time that you looked at the sleek options now available to scratch your cat’s interest in scratching?  The above link takes to you the many options available on Amazon.com.  There are styles that serve as play and/or lounge options too.  Cute!  Bait your cat into using the scratch toy with a spritz of catnip oil or grow your own catnip using the directions supplied on this blog.


By the way, did you know that there is a right and wrong way to train your cat?  Every cat owner should read this cat behavior guide produced by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  It’s an excellent resource written by the top U.S. feline veterinarians.


Hol-ee Ball


If Buckminster Fuller would have been into pet toys, he would have built this one.  This durable, squishy, but nearly indestructible ball keeps dogs very engaged.  Click the image to go to several variations on a theme. In this case, the toy encases a tennis ball which means we can throw something that our dog can’t destroy.  Purchase Hol-ee balls with a hollow center, put a treat inside, and keep your pet occupied for hours.  Also comes in cat sizes.  We recommend these pet treats to put inside.

Litter Trapping Mat


                                                  Click image to view



Okay, we’re cheating here.  Essentially, this is more of a present for you than it is for your cat, but I, for one, can’t stand stepping in litter that’s tracked throughout my apartment. It makes me feel like I’m living in my cat’s home instead of the other way around.  I want the litter box and the litter to stay in the bathroom where they both belong.   This litter mat achieves just that, but it comes with a mild warning.  The mat is made from a group of chemicals called phthalates, compounds that have some scientists concerned, but you should know that phthalates abound in our environment already.  They are in some flooring tiles, most plastics, some cosmetics…  there is even some evidence that they are in our milk supply.  For this reason and because this is a product that your cat will have limited exposure too, we’re keeping it on our holiday gift list.


Baby Gate


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Stomach upset in dogs living in NYC is common.  In fact, 1 out of 11 dogs that come to our practice with an upset stomach test positive for a small parasite called giardia, an organism easily transmitted to your dog from contact with other dogs (or their waste material).  If you’re treating a dog that has diarrhea or vomiting, you may want to confine him or her to one area of the house…in our case, this is the tiled bathroom.  This baby gate allows us to keep Rye confined to the bathroom, without locking her behind a closed door.


World’s Best Cat Litter


A must-buy litter for cat owners with fussy noses.  This natural, corn-based, clumping litter is excellent at masking the litterbox odors. Additionally, the corn-based formula keeps mess from sticking to the sides of the litter pan.  The East Side Veterinary team had this product at the top of their gift0-giving list.  It’s a product that they use and love.  Oh, did we mention that it’s safe to flush it?  No more than 2 clumps at time, please. Interesting note, it is illegal California to flush cat feces. Can you guess why?  Cat’s can be carriers for an intestinal parasite called  toxoplasmosis.  The bacteria is not killed by sewage treatment facilities and can get into the ocean where it can infect (and kill!) marine mammals.  Everything has consequences, right?




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Everyone is always dressing up the little dogs, but what about a fashionable holiday outfit for the big guys?  I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up my 60 pound dog Rye and taking her on a long ‘ooh and ahh’ walk.  Passer- bys shower her with attention and we both end up feeling great.  Now if only I can time my dog walk to coincide with the hot blonde that lives 2 buildings down, I’m sure to land a chance to meet and talk 🙂


Santa Outfits for Pets


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That’s right, we went there.  We kicked up our addiction to pet compliments a couple of notches and bought the Santa Claus hat.  But there are all kinds of costumes you can buy.  Here’s what you don’t want.  You don’t want to buy clothing that’s too restrictive or that makes your pet uncomfortable.  Also, don’t leave your pet unsupervised if you plan on clothing him or her.  Christmas jingles and balls are cute when dangling from a hat, but not when your dog has decided to eat them.  Lastly, if you have a thick-haired dog like a Husky, best to just stick with a hat or fake reindeer horns.


Why let Christians have all the fun? Click image to view


Pet Tootsie Protectors


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It’s very common for dogs to experience dry paws from the chemicals used to de-ice our icy, winter streets.  Dogs that lick excessive amounts of de-icing products are at risk for tummy upset or more severe reactions. These little booties are machine washable, easy to put on, and will protect your dog’s feet this winter.

Have you recently bought your dog or cat a gift?  What do you think we should buy?  Share your thoughts below.

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