Lion Cut? Shave? Trim? Wash and Set? (just kidding on that last one)rooming at East Side Animal Hospital


Proper pet grooming is essential for keeping your pet comfortable and ensuring its skin and fur are healthy. So why not let East Side Animal Hospital’s pet grooming salon provide your pet with some healthy pampering?


Because we believe grooming is important to your pet’s health we take it very seriously, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun or feel good. Our groomer has more than five years of experience and is a graduate of the NY School of Dog Grooming. We are fully capable of providing pet grooming services for any breed of dog or cat and can accommodate your busy schedule with flexible hours as well as pickup and drop-off service.


Additionally, our NYC pet grooming salon has the latest products, technology and equipment to ensure that your pet emerges from his or her appointment feeling good and looking great.


Your pet deserves the best so why not call us at (212) 751-5176 to make a reservation today.

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