International and Domestic Travel

Would you like to travel with your pet internationally?  Domestically?  How about by car or by train?  East Side Animal Hospital can help you!

Travel Certificates For Pets in NYC

If you need a travel certificate for your pet, East Side Animal Hospital can help.  Take me to the Request An Appointment Form or call now.


Traveling With a Pet: Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the following resources if traveling on a plane with your pet.


IATA: International Air Transport Association

By far, IATA is the best resource for all kinds of information on traveling with your pet domestically or internationally.



Dog Jaunt

Dog Jaunt is especially helpful.  This travel blog answers hundreds of questions on the topic of pet travel including: Does my pet need sedation when traveling?  What do I do if my pet gets carsick?  What kind of pet carrier should I buy?  Etc.


IPATA Pet Shippers:

IPATA Pet Shippers are ‘Experts at pet shipping services and dedicated to the humane transport of your pets.’


American Veterinary Medical Association

The American Veterinary Medical Association has created their own helpful resource page on traveling with your pet.


Sedation and Motion Sickness Medicine

East Side Animal Hospital can provide medications for both travel-related  anxiety and motion sickness.  Use the Request and Appointment Form or call us to begin.


Additional Resources:


The United States Department of Agriculture

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service provides the last word in pet travel.  Get started with your application to travel with your pet by going here.


NYC Airport and the NY Port Authority Page on Flying with your Pet

Link to pet page for all nearby airports: (EWK, LGA, JFK)


Where Can I Purchase an Airline Approved Pet Carrier?

Browse airline approved pet carriers here.


Information on Traveling with Your Pet by Airline


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