#6 The Golden Retriever

You’ll never meet a happier dog than the golden retriever. Sheds, shreds and slobbers its way into the hearts of millions of Americans every day.  Notorious chow hounds, these dogs are prone to obesity and subsequently joint problems and arthritis (hauling around the extra weight takes its toll). Give these guys and gals plenty of exercise.  Regular brushing with something like the furminator is essential.

#5 The Standard Poodle

Most people think of poodles as delicate…probably due to their frou-frou haircuts.  On the contrary, these dogs are playful, ambitious, smart, active, and terrific in the field.  This breed gets extra credit for no shedding!  Sizes range from petite to plus.  Stimulate this dog’s mind and exercise its body.  Grooming for your poodle is affordable and expert at East Side Animal Hospital!

#4 The German Shepherd

German Shepherds rank number one for police, investigative and military work in the U.S.  They are confident, courageous and require stimulating mental and physical exercise.  German Shepherds are especially prone to joint issues as they age, so keep them on a twice-a-year exam schedule after the age of 5.  Great with kids, but can be iffy around other dogs. Sensitize them early-on to a variety of sights, sounds, people and environments.

#3 The Cavalier King Charles

Decidedly English, this breed has been wildly popular in Britain since the 17th century.  Indeed stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and find them painted into the portraits of many English aristocrats.  Since its hunting days, the Cavalier has retired to life as a family dog. Give this sweetie attention, grooming and tooth brushing. Dental disease is common and aggressive in this breed.

#2 Labrador

Dog 1, Toy 0.  This lovable, social, trusting dog has melted more hearts than Ryan Gosling.  Tends to shed and can be an aggressive eater, grabbing garbage off the street before you can say getoutahere.  In fact, we probably do more operations on labradors to remove objects from their stomach than any other breed. Joint problems associated with excess weight are a common problem. so twice-a-year visits after the age of 5 are recommended. Oh, and treat these swimmers to a dip in a lake, pond or ocean while vacationing. They’ll thank you for it, but be sure to vaccinate against leptospirosis.

Honorable Mention. The 'Designer Breed'

Really just mutts with fancy names, designer breeds have swept the city in popularity.  New York City ‘designer breed’ dogs include crosses between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles (Cockapoos), Labradors and Poodles (Labradoodles…my favorite), and Pugs and Beagles (Puggles…shown in photo).  In general, NYC ‘designer breed’ dogs are bred for small size and personality and we can’t think of a downside to any combination that we’ve seen.  Remember all small breeds are prone to dental disease, so plan on a professional cleaning for these pets by age 3.

#1 The Frenchie

Frenchies cross the finish line as the number one most popular breed in NYC. This dog is adorable, friendly and loving.  Because of their compressed faces, French Bulldogs are sensitive to heat, so never walk this breed extensively during hot days and pay attention to how much sun exposure this dog gets.  Owners are also encouraged to do their homework when selecting a doctor for any surgical services.  Post surgical care is critical as this patient emerges from anesthesia.

Did We Miss One?

Is there a breed that you see around town that you think should be on the list?  Use the comment section below to tell us about it.

Additional Reading

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