Training is Key

Foremost in your mind is ‘How do I house train my new puppy‘?  Let’s get you started with some helpful hints from Andrea Arden, New York City’s most experienced and recognized dog trainers.





You’ll be sharing your living space with your new dog for many years to come and all great roommate relationships are built on respect and courtesy. Allowing your pet on the furniture now may seem cute, but years later when your new boyfriend or girlfriend moves in with you…not so cute. You may enjoy sharing your meal with your dog; but when Lassie jumps into your father-in-law’s lap at dinnertime, look out.


Dogs that bite, that bark incensently, that destroy furniture, that menace other dogs…these are the kind of dogs that are finally turned over to shelters and euthanized by pet parents that can no longer stand the strain. Take time to read a good book on training. It will pay off. In the meantime, here is an excellent list of training resources for you in New York City.



Recommended New York City Dog Trainers

Andrea Arden:  A New Yorker through and through.  Andrea has appeared on many national television shows helping dog owners understand the basics of training.

School for the Dogs:  Thoroughly versed with dogs that live in New York City, the School for the Dogs has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.