Annual Exams

Veterinary medicine is nearly as advanced as human medicine and only 1/20th the cost. Bring your dog to East Side Veterinary Hospital annually for a comprehensive physical examination. It’s the most important thing that you can do for your pet.

Annual Blood Test & Stool Analysis

It is imporatnt to have your pet’s blood test checked once a year. Even pets that appear to be healthy can have hidden problems that can get much worse if left undetected. Detection through blood test can spot health trends before they become a problem and potentially prevent dangerous illnesses.

An alarming 1 out of every 10 dogs in NYC tests positive for some kind of intestinal parasite! 1 out of every 10! While not all intestinal parasites can be prevented, most can. As a responsible healthcare provider, East Side Animal Hospital annually tests the stool of all canine patients and because of the life cycle of most intestinal parasites, we’ll check your new puppies stool sample at least twice.

Number of dogs with worms in New York city

Additionally, you should protect your pet against the following diseases and parasites.


The rabies vaccine is required by law in the State of New York. Surprisingly many dogs test positive for rabies to this day. In fact, according to the NY Health Department, 219 dogs tested positive for rabies in the first 6 months of 2016!

Although rabies infections in Manhattan are rare, most dog owners eventually travel outside of the metro area with their pet and rabies is endemic in the wild animal population (especially raccoons) in Central Park and all boroughs. A rabies vaccine is required for all dogs who board, go to doggie-day care, or that travel by air.


Leptospirosis is a fatal disease, contagious to humans, and can be acquired by your dog on a simple walk through along any street in New York City. Indeed there have been recent outbreaks. Fortunately there is an effective vaccine on the market and East Side Animal Hospital provides it.

Watch this report on New York City’s latest Lepto outbreak.

Tick Borne Diseases

A whopping 1 out of every 18 dogs tested in Manhattan tested positive for Lyme disease according to the Companion Animal Parasites Council, the U.S. leader in such research. Additional cases of anaplasmosis (1 in 46) and erlichiosis (1 in 25) were also surprising. East Side Animal Hospital will provide your dog with the safest and most effective Lyme vaccine on the market today

Lyme Disease in Dogs, NY

Surprisingly high incidence of tick borne disease in dogs living in New York City.  More information on the Companion Animal Parasite Council website.

Interesting, Lyme disease is not just a problem for dogs in NYC. Human cases of tick-borne disease in New York City are also significantly on the rise

Bordetella and Canine Flu

Canine Influenza and bordetella are two highly contagious upper respiratory diseases in dogs. Given the large number of dogs living in the Upper East Side, the ferocious contagiousness of both diseases, and the seriousness of influenza, East Side Animal Hospital recommends a canine flu vaccine for all dogs. Bordetella is required by all boarding and doggie day care facilities in Manhattan including the boarding facility here at East Side.

Year Round Flea and Tick Prevention

for Dogs

Fleas are a common occurrence in dogs living in NYC. Because of their resilience and life cycle, many NYC buildings have chronic low level infestations. Fleas drop off dogs once they feed and may find their way into the hallway, elevator or lobby of your building where they can in turn infect your dog. Flea populations also exist in many dog and public parks in New York including Central Park. Fleas are active most months of the year in NYC and ticks can be active even during snow storms and the coldest days of January.

East Side Animal Hospital recommends Nexgard, an easy-to-administer chewable tab that effectively controls both fleas and ticks. Please click here for our current special on Nexgard.



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