East Side Animal Hospital reviews the quality and accessibility of its healthcare on a daily basis because we are, before anything else, committed to our vocation as animal healthcare providers.


Veterinary Financing Options

Preventative healthcare is less expensive, less stressful and less invasive than any other care we can provide for your pet. Keep a long healthy life for your puppy in reach by exploring pet insurance or applying for services like CareCredit. Some of our clients choose to save on their own by opening up bank accounts strictly for their pet’s annual health care needs. A monthly deposit of 50 dollars a month may be all you need to ensure that there are always funds available in case your pet needs medical attention.


Veterinary Pet Insurance and Trupanion

East Side Animal Hospital endorses Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Most of East Side’s employees use Trupanion for their own pets and the company itself has an excellent culture of genuine concern for companion animals, assisting pets in need, and taking care of its employees.  For more on Trupanion Pet Insurance, click here.




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