Put your dog on pet insurance at east side animal hospital

No need to take drastic measures. Pet Insurance is a great way to manage your pet’s healthcare costs and keep her side of the bed clean and dry.


Pet Insurance

There are so many pet insurance companies out there and so it is hard to pick one for your pet and your needs. You can visit PetInsuranceReview.com for reviews and comparison of difference insurance companies. From our years or experience and the feedback from our clients, we strongly recommend Trupanion and Embrace. They are two great insurance companies with different coverages for your specific needs. We suggest calling them both and deciding for yourself.


 Contact Embrace at 800-511-9172 or visit their website for detailed info

Embrace Pet Insurance


 Contact Trupanion at 855-210-8749 or visit their website for more info

Activate a Free Trupanion Insurance Certificate

Trupanion offers a free 30 day insurance trial. If you have a pet between 8 weeks and 5 years of age, he or she can qualify for a certificate for IMMEDIATE coverage through Trupanion Pet Insurance after being examined by one of our East Side veterinarians.   Please click on the  Trupanion logo below for more information on the best way to affordably get your pet insured.

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