The Upper East Side, Turtle Bay and the Rest of New York provide cozy outdoor dining spaces and welcome dogs. Won’t you please be seated?


Pierre Loti

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Charcuterie plate, glass of wine, dog next to you. I think life is good, right?



With three locations, this French styled wine bar is like a dog whistle to anyone with a taste for spirits, fine charcuterie, gourmet chocolate and more.


Visit Dog Friendly Pierre Lotti at 300 East 52 Street


Outdoor seating usually opens up by April and runs through the remaining warm days of October. Like all the restaurants listed here, our pooches are confined to the outdoor space only.


Happy hour starts at 4 and runs to 7pm, so why not get home from work, skip the gym and take a leisurely stroll with your dog over to 52nd street and spend some quality time together people watching and snacking? Did we mention that dog’s are great conversation starters? Who knows, you may ask for a table for one, but have someone eager to pull up a chair before the night is through.


Though it’s hard to a pick a favorite from this delicious menu, let me make just a few suggestions. The truffled deviled eggs ($4) go well alongside a glass of Prosecco ($7). I also regularly flip for their Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Organic Mesclun salad. The gourmet bon bons of fine chocolate are just the right amount of sweet to accompany a hot, rich cup of espresso.


Dags Patio Café



If you’re into something less frou frou, try Dag’s just across from the UN. Dag’s serves yummy handcrafted breakfast and lunch sandwiches and a beautiful grilled vegetable plate that prevents me from trying something new nearly every time I go here. Additional lunch menu items include an array of burgers and three styles of hotdogs, NY, Chicago and LA. Buy three and pick a city that’s your favorite. Soft serve icecream might get eyeballed by whatever canine companion you have along. Don’t give into those sad, pathetic eyes!


The Barking Dog


Burgers at the Barking Dog, dog friendly restaurant


It’s a bit of walk to this 77th street bistro, but worth it. You’ll be hard pressed to narrow your decision down from the tempting breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner menus that include cornmeal calamari, coconut shrimp salad and my favorite, the Yak Gourmet Burger with special sauce. Into comfort food for dinner? The Yankee Pot Roast is yummy enough to tempt John Adams back to the land of the living. Servers are happy to bring your pooch a small plate of whatever you’d like to order, but stick to grilled meats with or without rice and without seasonings to avoid tummy troubles.

Chat Noir


Duck with Orange at Chat Noir dog friendly restaurant


Probably the most charming on the list, this 22 East 66th street location sweeps diners off their feet into a land of delicious French cuisine and southern charm.

Visit Chat Noir’s Menu

Like the others listed above, dog dining is limited to the outdoor space, so pick a warm day…or if you would prefer evening when the beautifully lit street and café lights cast a glow to rival any ever seen on the Left Bank.


Nominated by Four Square as one of the top 15 restaurants on the Upper East Side, the menu will have you drooling. I went the full French route with escargot and steak tartare. I nearly died from indigestion later that evenings but the meal was worth the cost of the Tums. And the way that the staff embraced my dog and treated her so well? Priceless!


Honorable Mention: Lazy Dog


Though they don’t yet have a NY location, we had to turn you onto the Lazy Dog restaurant a tex-mex-American fare chain with about a dozen locations mostly in Texas and California. Lazy Dog doubles down on dog –friendly by providing all dog guests their own water bowl and a choice from their very own dog menu (which you’ll undoubtedly have to read to him or her J ). Human menu fare includes street corn wheels , spicy buffalo chicken lollipos and a blistered heirloom tomato crisp. Can I hear a woof woof for Lazy Dog’s fantastic menu and business model?


Do you have a favorite NYC dog- friendly restaurant? Let us hear about it in the comments section below!

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