New York City has a number of adoption centers, rescue groups, and organizations that help needy pet owners.  Here’s a list.


Where to Adopt?


The Mayor’s Alliance works with more than 150 rescue groups throughout the metropolitan area that take animals from Animal control, bring them to less crowded facilities, and work to find them homes on a more individual basis. You can find a full list of New York City and surrounding area adoption centers here.


Adopt a Pure Breed


If you are a fan of a certain breed and would like to adopt one, you can search for adoption centers that are limited to just one breed or one type of dog (toy breeds, for example).


Adoption Events


Click here to view a list of adoption events scheduled around New York City.


Mega Adoption Events


Must-attend events for any pet lover whether you want to adopt or not.  Come see the ingenuity, style, and love New York has to offer on these spectacular adoption days.


Adopt a Cat


Volunteers and rescue groups that find friendly cats or kittens during Trap-Neuter-Return actions are put up for adoption.  You can view a list of adoptable stray cats here.


Social Welfare for People And Pets


Know someone that is homeless, elderly, destitute, sick, or a victim of domestic abuse that has an animal in their care?  The Mayor’s Alliance compassionately understands that pets and people are often inextricably tied and that both are affected when one is in crisis.  Here is a list of resources that may be of help.


Pets and People in Crisis Toolkit


This is a resource for social workers and concerns citizens interested in helping a NYC resident who has pets and who is in crisis.


Assistance With the Cost of Veterinary Care


New York City charities offer low cost spay and neuter services, microchipping, pet supplies and provisional assistance with veterinary bills.


Volunteer Opportunities


With more than 19,000 animals entering the shelter system each year, NYC is in need of volunteers that love animals and that want to make a difference. You can explore animal shelter and rescue volunteer opportunities as well as foster opportunities here.




The Mayor’s Alliance for Animals does an extraordinary job improving the humane care of stray and unwanted animals.  You can donate to this 501 (c) (3) organization using this link.

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