And welcome to our International Travel page for England.  England has enjoyed thousands of years free of the dreaded Rabies virus and it means to keep it that way.  Read on for more information about the strict import regulations for dogs and cats traveling to England.

Let’s get you started.  We’ve compiled a basic list of information for you.  As stated above, England is one of the hardest countries to bring a dog or cat to because it is (rightfully) extremely protective of its delicate, unique ecosystem.  Review the information below and then reach out to East Side Animal to book your appointment.  We’ll ensure that no details of your pet’s travel to Hawaii are overlooked.

APHIS Website (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service)

USDA APHIS website for International Travel at East Side Animal Hospital

APHIS is run by the U.S Department of Agriculture and is the government body that regulates all International shipments of animals from the U.S. and sets the guidelines for travel for your dog or cat.  Visit the APHIS website if you can’t find the information that you need here, otherwise, continue to scroll down for information specific for travel to Hawaii.

Link to Overall U. K. import requirements for Dogs and Cats  

Additional Information for anyone traveling with one or more dogs

Additional Information for anyone traveling with any pet other than a dog


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May 29, 2017

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