If the city orders an evacuation due to a terror attack, hurricane, disease outbreak or some other disaster, here’s what you’ll need for your pet.


Electronics May Not Work


We’ve provided instructions below so you understand how to put all of this information on your smart device, but keep in mind that your device may not work or may run out of charge.  Be sure to keep a written version of the information we discuss below in your pet’s emergency preparation bag.


Prepare Yourself for an Emergency in New York City


The City of New York has created an emergency preparation guide for people.  Please go to the site and read their recommendations for what you should to prepare the people members of your family for disaster.


Set Up Your Smart Device’s ICE


All later versions of smart devices (iPhones, Androids, etc.) have ways to record your ICE information (In Case of Emergency).  Every New Yorker should have this information on his or her phone. The information can be accessed by emergency response teams in the case of an emergency.  To learn how to safely and securely set your ICE information, use this link.


Have Your Pet Microchipped and Update Information


A microchip is a safe, extremely reliable way of identifying your pet. It can’t be lost and every veterinarian and shelter in New York City has a device that can ‘read’ the chip and access information that is helpful in locating the owner.   For more information on microchips go here.  If you have a microchip for your pet, you must contact the microchip company and confirm that your pet’s information is up-to-date and that they have the right contact information for you.  East Side Animal Hospital uses Home Again Chips, but your pet’s microchip may have been manufactured by a different company.  Here is a list of the major microchip/pet finder companies and their contact information:


If you don’t know if your pet is microchipped or if you want to confirm that the chip is still operational, you can come to our East Side Animal Hospital location and we’ll be happy to scan for a device free of charge.


Purchase or Prepare a Pet Evacuation Kit

Plan for an emergency with your pet in NYC.

This pack is one of many that are available. Take into consideration where you plan to go and what will be available to you when selecting the right bag.

Supplies in it should be regularly rotated.  Pet evacuation kits should include the following:

  1. Pet information including, photo, name, identification numbers, vaccine history,  vet name and contact, boarding facility contact.
  2. Pet food for 2-7 days.  Use this calculator to determine how much dog food to feed. You can use this guide for how much to feed cats.
  3. Water for 2-7 days.  Typically pets need 1 oz of water per pound of body weight per day.  Pets with medical conditions like diabetes or kidney failure will require more.
  4. Food and water bowls.
  5. A muzzle.  In the event of an emergency, you will be allowed to take all animals on NYC public transportation, but all dogs must be muzzled.  There is a link below to help you select the right sized muzzle for you dog.
  6. An extra leash.  Leash’s cannot be longer than 4 feet and must be sturdy.
  7. Disposable garbage bags for cleaning up pet waste.
  8. For cats: an aluminum roasting pan that can serve as a litter pan and paper to serve as litter.

For more information on preparing a pet evacuation kit, review this resource guide by the ASPCA


Place a Pet Evacuation Sticker in Your Apartment or Home


You can purchase a sticker to place on your apartment door or window that alerts rescue workers that you have a pet in your apartment. Click the image to purchase.


Download the ASPCA Mobile App


In case of emergency, the ASPCA provides up to the minute information for pet owners.  For Apple devices download the aspca app here. For Android devices download the aspca app here.


How To Evacuate Your Pet in NYC


In the event of an emergency evacuation, the city WILL allow all pets to ride on public transportation.  You must have  the pet in a sturdy travel container.  Large animals may be leash walked onto public transportation but they must be muzzled.  Shop for muzzles for your dog here.  Be advised that muzzles must be sized appropriately and must be big enough to allow your dog to pant. Use this guide to help you select the right sized muzzle for your dog.


Where to Go With Your Pet In NYC During an Emergency


Check with East Side Animal Hospital to see if we are able to board your pet during the emergency.  If an emergency is declared by the City of New York, all human shelters WILL allow pets in designated areas. Pet owners must provide food, water, and be prepared to clean up any pet waste.


Additional Resources for NYC Pet Owners In Case of Emergency

ASPCA Disaster Preparedness Guide: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/general-pet-care/disaster-preparedness

NYC Disaster Prepare Guide for Pet Owners: http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/em/downloads/pdf/pets_english.pdf

READY NY Emergency Plan Webpage: http://www1.nyc.gov/site/em/ready/ready-new-york.page