Midtown East Veterinarians
Our Midtown East veterinarians are experienced, compassionate animal caregivers with decades of combined experience. At East Side Animal Hospital you can rest assured that every pet we treat receives the best care possible.
When your pet comes to our veterinary hospital, one of our veterinarians will take all the time needed to perform a thorough, careful examination and assessment of your pet’s overall health. This physical examination is also an opportunity for your veterinarian to get to know you and your pet. With our pet wellness exams, our doctors have a better chance of spotting a health issue before it becomes more difficult and more costly to treat.
Our Manhattan veterinary team will do everything possible to be your trusted partner in your pet’s continued good health and overall well-being. We can help your pet live a longer, happier life. To learn more about each of our veterinarians, click on a photo or name below.

Keith Manning, DVM
Shelby Freda, VMD
Jane Kosovsky, DVM
Laura Kennedy, DVM
Mark Landesman, DVM


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