The American Association of Feline Practitioners and the International Society of Feline Medicine have collaborated on the ‘Five Pillars of a Healthy Feline Environment”. We interviewed some of our happiest cat patients to find out how their human roommate is implementing these recommendations in their New York City abode.

Felicity Miller,
143 E 1st Street, NYC, NY

Gives Me My Space


My human roommate understands that I need my privacy.  She has kindly removed some of her sweaters from the top shelf of her closet (they were ugly anyway), and stuffed my collapsible carrier up there with the front part open.  The carrier is the perfect nook for me to hang out in when I’m feeling anxious or need to work out some of the plot twists in the new play I’m writing about Kierkegaard.  Having a carrier as a getaway space also means that I’m less likely to wig out when she has to use the same carrier to haul me over to my hot vet at East Side (He’s married, but hey, there’s no harm in looking).

Let’s Me Explore My Killer Instincts


I have a strong instinct to hunt and kill things.  There, I said it.   Fortunately, my analyst at East Side Animal Hospital has worked with my roommate and me to allow for healthy expression of my warped desire.  My roommate has placed a number of toys around the apartment that allow me to pounce, chew, murder, claw and KILL!  What a sicko!  Toys that allow me expression of my natural born killer personality keep me mentally alert and primed for the day when I will be freed from living in this penthouse hell that has been my prison since I was a small boy.

Tramp Cohen
914 Park Avenue, NYC, NY
Kitty Riefsteck
1 United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY

Protects Me From My Brother, the Big Jerk


My brother and I were adopted.  That, I can deal with.  My issue is that I seemed to have inherited all the brains and the looks and he inherited…well… zippo.  He’s a great, big, dumb, ding-dong and every time I decide to sit down and have a quiet meal, he jumps me from behind and behaves like a complete moron.  Fortunately, my roommate is also female (ie: smart, sensitive, intuitive, etc.), so she has cleared out a space behind the bathroom door where she lays out a separate plate of food for me.  Finally, I have a place to dine without fear of ambush!

Isn’t Up In My Grill About Being Funky


I like to mark things with my face.  Sounds weird, but hey, we all have our ‘issues’ right?  I have these glands on my head and face and when I rub my head on stuff, I leave a little trace of me behind, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a wonderful thing for this world.  The scent makes me feel good about my home…errr our home…and lets any other cat, that may be interested in muscling in on my digs, know to am-scray.  Now, it’s not like my roommate can smell this scent.  Humans…I don’t want to say anything politically incorrect here… but humans can’t smell for nothin’. Comparing a human’s sense of smell to a cat’s is like comparing a model airplane to the Starship Enterprise.  Anyway, my point is that despite the fact that I rub my funk on stuff, my roommate isn’t hyper vigilant about cleaning with products like Febreze or Lysol that mask this odor.  She respects how important my sense of smell is to me.

Simba Stevenson
10 Beekman Place, NYC, NY
Haiku Chang
876 Park Avenue, NYC, NY

Cares About Quality Time


Okay, truth be told, I don’t pay rent, but I don’t think that should give anyone liberty to treat me like a doormat.  The thing that I love about my roomie is that he spends positive quality time with me even after a long day’s work (don’t get me started on the banking industry…how they work their employees…I wouldn’t wish those hours on a dog!)  Our favorite thing to do is to curl up on the couch with his girlfriend, Melinda (hate her, but that’s another story), and binge watch Orange is the New Black (Kate Mulgrew…genius!)  My point is, carving out ‘us’ time in his ‘me’ time means the world to me.  I won’t be looking for a new space to live any time soon.

Care to Read the Facts Without the Clowning Around?


If you want the facts on cat-friendly living spaces without all the corn, you can read the ‘The Five Pillars of A Healthy Feline Environment” on the Morris Foundation’s website.


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